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About Us

Hurricane Ignition Leads started about 15 years ago when our own dyno tuning business couldn't find a good quality ignition lead that would fit correctly, not interfere with modern injection systems or even last a session on the dyno.

After many months of research and testing we started producing our own cable.

We sourced the components, including plug ends and terminals from around the world - and still do today.

Not long after that we started making lead sets for other dyno shops and workshops. So Hurricane Ignition Leads was born and has grown steadily ever since.

We continue to develop new sets and test them 'in-house' daily.

Product Development

We are continually developing our cable construction and manufacturing processes as new products and equipment become available.

At Hurricane Ignition Leads we pride ourselves on delivering a quality product that fits and operates correctly every time. All our lead sets are produced with the mindset "How would be want the perfect lead set to be?"

And that's what you get.