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Ignition cables in modern engines operate in the worst conditions; extreme heat, congested engine bays, exposed to hydro-carbons from various oils and fuel and high output ignition systems.

It is easy to see that poorly made or inferior quality ignition cables will FAIL. This has brought about HURRICANE IGNITION CABLES which has produced a quality product that addressed all these operating conditions.

HURRICANE IGNITION CABLES also uses the latest stainless steel spiral wound and Fibreglass® / Kevlar ® core available necessary to suppress RFI (radio frequency interference) or EMI (Electro-magnetic interference) which is the electrical noise that all ignition systems produce during normal operation.

HURRICANE IGNITION CABLES are produced in Australia for Australian conditions using the highest quality materials and manufactured to strict tolerances.

Why use Hurricane Premium silicone ignition cables

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  1. All HURRICANE cables are made from a race proven 250deg + hi-temp silicone insulated outer jacket.
  2. All HURRICANE cables incorporate a Fibreglass® braiding that secure both silicone jackets together for maximum strength.
  3. All HURRICANE cables use a hi-temp inner silicone layer to prevent internal cracking or splitting.
  4. All HURRICANE cables feature stainless steel windings coiled around a special inner core constructed with a Fibreglass® or Kevlar® carrier impregnated with a conductive ferrite core made to HURRICANE'S exact specfications.
  5. All HURRICANE cables are low resistance: approx. 2100 ohms/m for 5,7,8mm & 510 ohms/m for 9mm Hi-Temp Race EFI Series compared to approx. 16000 ohms/m for common carbon core type ignition cables.